Cannes, I am ready!

Cannes, I am ready!

Hello All
Yeh, new business cards came through, thank you Beth @Bumbles design
Now I am totally ready for Cannes next week! I am praying it is going to be hot, I have been before when it has been rainy and cold, it is not fun, especially in silk dresses and stilettos!
I have noticed on many social media platforms people airing issues over the fact they don't believe actors should go to Cannes unless they are in a film that's in the competition. Some I have noted even think Actors shouldn't go full stop unless they are a major name!? Now everyone is entitled to their opinion but don't go shooting someone down on what was their very positive excited post!
Here is my view, if you want to go Cannes and you can afford it, then why the hell shouldn't you?! Yes OBVIOUSLY it is better to go if you are in a film that's screening there, but at the end of the day it is a film festival that involves networking. So long as you are not disillusioned to think your going to meet some big shot producer and next thing your the lead in the next blockbuster, then go, meet new people. Make Friends!
Shoot me down now if you want, I don't care, but I don't have a film screening at the festival! I am going to see old friends, make new ones, watch some awesome films, enjoy the sun of the South of France and basically have a short vacation!
What oh what is wrong with that?! If something ever came out of me going (which past experience it has) then great, but I don't go purely thinking what can I get out of it
So if your going I hope to see you out there
Leila xoxo



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