October 10th 2019 By Leila Kotori


It is Mental Health Awareness Day, it is time for us to stamp out the stigma and speak openly. Support must be given to those in need.

May 23rd 2018 By Leila Kotori

Cannes Film Festival 2018

Attended this years Cannes Film Festival and part of the @yesshecannes #shesquad

April 25th 2018 By Leila Kotori

My Murder Mystery weekend

No I didn't go on a actual murder spree, but my character did commit murder! Just the once! Here's a little about what I got up to!

April 09th 2018 By Leila Kotori

Life/Work Balance

Working every day of the week but maintaining some kind of balance, life is for living!

April 03rd 2018 By Leila Kotori


If you have not heard of Holonis then you are missing out

March 05th 2018 By Leila Kotori

Snow day

whoop whoop it has finally snowed in my town!


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