EXCITING NEWS!! My book is nearly ready to publish

EXCITING NEWS!! My book is nearly ready to publish

I am so excited to share with you that the novel I have been working on for two years is nearly ready to publish! I have had the idea to write a book for nearly 15 years, yet I just never got round to writing.

In 2018 I decided enough was enough and I would start writing, no planning or anything I just wrote. Then I hit a busy patch in my acting and the novel was put aside again. Last year work was slow and I felt incredibly down about not being able to be creative, so I got what I had written back out and set myself a daily goal of writing 150 words. Before I knew it I had finished writing and set about finding an editor. My friend and fellow writer Simon Oneill Okill offered his services as editor, it was very nerve-racking to have a published author read and edit by book. Thoughts swirled through my head; 'What if he thinks it's crap?', 'Who am I to call myself an author' etc etc. But I had not needed to worry, he came back with a glowing review and after a few tweaks the book was done.

Having asked a few friends to test read it I have been very lucky to have raving reviews back (big sigh of relief), the found the story compelling and could not put it down! Bonus!

I am now in the process of having the book cover finalised by my very talented friend Alix Kelman (Kelman Media) and once that is done then I am ready to publish. Having looked into amazon I think I will go down the self publishing route for now, I am hoping to take a master class on publishing/marketing as I am new to this and feel it would be so benefical to learn more.


This will be the first book in a trilogy, with book two already underway and half written! The series is called 'Powerborn' and is a young adult fanatasy/paranormal saga set in the modern day that follows the story of two sisters; Rae and Sky.

PowerBorn: 'Shadows and Light' (Book one)

PowerBorn: 'The Alliance' (Book two)

PowerBorn: ? (Book three)

I have always loved reading fantasy and paranormal books, I just love everything about the genre, it includes adventure, crime, horror and romance all in one. I find it amazing the imagination of fantasy authors, that they can come up with entirely new worlds, species and even languages, it really stretches the creative mind! There are no limits with fantasy novels! Most of my book shelf is full of YA fantasy novels, some of the adult high fantasy novels I find too descriptive to read and I lose interest so it just made sense to write for a young adult audience.

For now I don't want to share too much so keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal of the cover and synopsis

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