First week #30daychallenge

First week #30daychallenge

It has been just over 1 week since I removed all social media from my life and I will tell you what I have not missed it.

Yes there has been the few times I have reached for my phone and then remembered there is pretty much nothing on there! One thing I have saved on is data and battery life! My phone lasts all day now! I have noticed that I really don't use my phone much now at all, other than answering an email or editing a photo I really do not have much need for it and that is really refreshing! 

The fact that I am off my phone more has made me think of other things to do, though I haven't really scratched the surface of my massive 'to do' list I have made some headway without getting distracted. For a start I have gone back to writing my book, proof reading what I have already written, this is something I have not touched for a good few months and I am really enjoying the process! As well as banging my head against the wall for all my grammatical errors!

As well as feeling more productive I am also feeling more connected with the immediate world around me, I hold conversations for longer rather than barely listening because I am trying to do a post on instagram or scrolling the feed on facebook. I am actually in the moment and being present, my attention is on the people there with me, which is how it should be! 

I have also noted my stress levels have lowered, I am feeling less wound up, I am by no means completely calm and serene, but I can tell I am less on edge. Though I have still been judgemental about myself, I have not had that news feed to compare my life to others and that has been the most beneficial part of this whole week. For the first time in a while I don't feel like a complete failure. And yes that is how I have felt alot over the last few months, hence trying something new like this challenge!

One thing I have enjoyed doing this week is to take a photo everyday of something that I am grateful for or that brings me joy. I like playing around with photos in the various editing apps on my phone and so I have created a cool little album. I won't be sharing them all but here are just a couple:

Not surprisingly both my dogs are in the album! Shocker! :)

So that's all the update I have at the moment, I am waiting to see if I start to miss social media but so far I really don't. I know I have probably missed out on a few things, but I am just not bothered by that. I really think I will be able to do these 30 days easily, the question maybe do I add the apps back on my phone after?!!!

Peace and Love



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