HAPPY 2020

HAPPY 2020


This is the year for some positive changes, we are in a new decade and I am excited for what is to come.

I have started off my new year the way I intend to keep going, I signed up for a challenge! The manifesting challenge by Gabriel Bernstein, who is a life coach, yogi and spiritual teacher.


What is this you may ask? Well it is a 21 day challenge to get you into a good feeling mindset that will set you up for good things to happen. It is not about magic or miracles, it is about getting into a place of joy about your life right here and now. And it is just what I needed. So often we think, oh I will be happy when I have a bit more money, or I will feel better once I start this new job, I will feel calmer after a holiday. But what if those external things never happen? Or if they do happen but then your still not happy and want more? This is what I have basically done my whole life and it has left me feeling drained, at times unhappy, feeling unworthy and not being able to get excited about stuff. So my new years resolution was one thing, and one thing only, TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT ME! Simple right! NOT! I have clearly conditioned myself over the years to only feel good about myself once I achieve something, and even when I achieve it is never good enough. Letting go of this old way of thinking will more than likely take longer than 21 days, but I have started down the right path. Plus there are thousands of other people I have connected with doing the same challenge, we all share our stories, the ups and downs, it lets you know you are not alone.

I have listened and read Gabby's stuff for years and really connect with how she conveys her message, so it was a no brainer for me to sign up to thi. And guess what? I am feeling tonnes better about myself, I am feeling happier with where my life is now and I am strengthening my faith that my dreams will come true! All in good time.

Cos I won't lie, last year I had lost the faith in my acting and where my career was going, not just in myself but I lost faith in the industry too. Most actors will completely understand what I mean, having been there before or currently going through it. So when next to nothing was happening acting wise for me I decided to expand my creativity and divert my focus a bit, I feel great when I am creating something and so wanted that feeling again that I had always got from acting. I started writing. I wrote some monologues, a short film and a book. Yes I have completed my first Novel, which has just finished its second draft and I am uber excited about this. Not only that but I am 7 chapters into my second book, because yes writing one book wasn't enough, I plan to write a trilogy!

I committed myself to writing at least 150 words a day, which is not alot, I always went over this, sometimes writing 1000 a day, but on the days I felt less inspired, sticking to 150 words made it simple. An easy goal to keep and was fun. That there is the point, it has to be fun. And I had lost the fun spark from acting.

So what are my plans for the book? Good question, I don't really know, I am currently researching how to self publish as I think this will be the way I want to go, I just want someone to be able to read my books, I want to share what I have created. It won't be for everyone and it is not meant to be. But if you like Young adult fantasy/sci-fi fiction then it maybe for you. First off I need to get a developmental editor in to go over the book before I even think of publishing, then I want to get some character art work done and of course a fantastic cover created (I have a vision board with all my ideas on!). I am also going to look into creating my own audio of the books. All of this is still way ahead but it is exciting to think about, and I am learning about a whole new area of creation!

So have I abandoned acting? No I have not, I don't think I ever could, I just needed to take a step back and get the joy back for it again. This year I am very fortunate to have been cast in a awesome feature 'Magic is Murder', I will also be co-producing, I have re-read the script and this role is just going to be so much fun, the kind of role I have always wanted to play and can really unleash myself with. It literally caannot wait to get started. My joy for acting is back!

So even though I only have one new years resolution, I do have goals I want to achieve and changes I am wanting to make. For example I have changed to a plant based diet, I had been working my way to this last year but made the final transition 1st Jan, by the end of 2020 I will be fully vegan,that will mean not only food but also any products etc I buy. If I can spare a few animals I will. You maybe with me, you may not, but it feels good to me and that there makes the difference, if it feels good, do it!

Before I finish, can we all take a minute to pray for Australia, to pray for rain! Collective prayer has proven to work before and the animals and people need it now more than ever. Also I have donated what I can, please do so too, even if it is £1, if everyone did it, it would make such a difference.

I donated to WIRES:


peace and love



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