Monologue Time

Monologue Time

With Lockdown still going on I have managed to do a couple of new monologues to keep me creative, as well as it being great practice.

This one was written by yours truely, I wanted to try something Darker, a character I have never played before:

This one I did this week for a monologue competition on twitter #planetmonologues. It is from the website, I love this website because there are so many original monologues to choose from and they are constantly putting up new content. The monologue made me laugh upon first reading it so I thought let's give it a go.

Here are a few more that I have done:

This is another one that I wrote myself, based on my own personal experiences with mental health:

So if your an actor and stuck inside missing performing, then give some monologues a go, try characters that you don't usually get cast as. It is refreshing to be able to do something without feeling the pressure from the business. Right now there are tonnes of platforms with industry folk just asking to see monologues, some are competitions and some are just for fun. 

Stay Safe

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