Monologue Time: 'Waiting in the Wings'

Monologue Time: 'Waiting in the Wings'

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I am trying to keep as active as possible creative wise during this lockdown, for me learning monologues is a great way to learn large chunks in a limited time. You can also diversify the characters you play and get a sense of what characters work for you and which don't.

I find doing monologues takes the pressure off, alot of people in our industry are vocally saying we need to be creating things at home ready for when lockdown is over and I feel this is putting undue pressure on some who are already dealing with alot. Obviously it is fine for those who have the energy to be so productive, but I for one am enjoying the down time. For me performing monolgues feels right, it doesn't feel forced and I feel no pressure. If people like them then great, if they don't...well don't watch them! haha!

So here is another one I did last week, it is called 'Waiting in the wings'. Again it is from the monologue blogger website:

I just find this website so good, there is constant new content and it is all original, I am not one for performing monologues from well known films, as I feel they have already been given justice. I like to do something new and fresh, to be able to put my take on something.

I will get back to writing my own, I just need to feel inspired to do so (sometimes it is good to wait for inspiration)

This one is more dramatic than the last one.

Next one I am going to work on my American accent as I have not worked on accents for a long time. 

Stay safe

Peace and Love



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