Nearly there #30daychallenge

Nearly there #30daychallenge

I am on day 27, with only 3 more days left to complete my 30 day challenge of no social media, I have to say this was the best decision I have made this year. It has really made me focus on the people around me and to communicate with those who I cherish in my life. It has been refreshing to not be absorbed in other peoples drama, or caught in the repetitive cycle of judgement and comparison (which we all do!).

I can honestly say I have not missed being on social media, yes I still inadvertantly grab my phone but that is just habit, but I am quite surprised how easy I have found this challenge, to me it has not really been a challenge at all. I have probably missed out on some things but I doubt it will have been anything essential.

If you fancy a little change in your life I highly recommend giving it a go, it is only 30 days and it can really make you feel better about yourself.

Even though I have not been as creative/productive as I would of liked, I feel it has been of more benefit to my state of mind rather providing more time to do stuff! I think I was just getting to a point that was bordering on depression, everyday I would look on social media and just feel incredibly shit about myself. I was in a constant state of judging myself and comparing myself to others, always telling myself I should do more, I need to do better etc etc and that is just not good. Instead of appreciating what was around me and all I have accomplished I was just telling myself nothing was good enough because I hadn't yet achieved what I wanted to. We are all guilty of doing this, when you want something so bad you focus all your attention on that and so you have your blinkers on to everything around you that is making up your life in the present moment. And it is the present moment that counts. I am not saying that in 30 days I am now free of all these feelings, but coming off of social media has lifted the pressure a bit, it has given me some much needed breathing space.

If I could I think I would stay off social media more permanently, however it is a vital tool for marketing and networking, and I do miss seeing my friends updates etc, especially the ones who only post positive stuff. So what am I to do? Well I have decided that I will only put instagram back on my phone, I only follow fun positive people on there and I enjoy posting uplifting pictures etc. All other social media I will only access via my laptop, I will only go on for half hour a day to post something and a quick scroll to support friends work and to find any new opportunities. Also it will be good to access facebook again as I keep forgetting peoples birthdays! Sorry if I missed anyones!

I am looking forward to sharing some pictures (why I like instagram the most) as I have just upgraded my phone to shiny new Huawei P30 Pro and the camera quality is amazing, hands down best phone I have had! I know there are issues with trump etc but it does not effect us in the UK! It is a phone well worth getting! I will be sharing some of my pictures I took during my 30 day challenge, I took a picture or 2 everyday of something that brought me joy and created a 30 day album, so it kind of like a photo journal. It will be great to keep it going as any time I feel shit about something I can look to the album to remind myself of everything I have, for me keeping a visual journal like this just works better than writing something down, it makes me feel more creative which in turn makes me feel good. And I am all for the good feelings.

I am looking forward to sharing news about a number of productions I am going to be part of this year too as well as working on making my short horror I have written!

For now though I am going to enjoy my last few days of no social media.

Peace and Love 



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