over two weeks in #30daychallenge

over two weeks in #30daychallenge

I am currently on day 18 of the 30 day challenge  - no social media!

This week I found it a little tougher but only from the perspective of being bored and reaching for my phone, I then had to really search for other things to do. It is just a natural habit to go on social media when I am bored, or if there is nothing else to do. Now I have been forcing myself to find other things to do, that on  the whole are actually more productive! 

But as like last week I have not really missed social media, I don't feel like I have missed out on anything, I feel much more relaxed and less shitty about myself. Infact a few days ago I was really considering if I will ever go back on social media. Unfortunately I actually need social media to promote my work and network, so I will be back on after the 30 days. BUT I have decided to keep as many of the platforms off my phone and only access them on my laptop, that way I will reduce the amount of time I am on social media and so won't waste my time just scrolling the feed for the sake of it. I will also only post things I actually want to post, rather than just for the sake of posting for some god dam algorithm or to simply look like I am living an exciting/busy life. 

So I am going to enjoy my remaining days of no social media, it is actually quite blissful, I have not come into contact with any drama from people, it is lush.

So what have I been up to? Well I have been working on writing quite a bit and I am really making some headway there, a few finishing touches to my script and that will be completed! I have also been working on learning a brummie accent for a short film I will be shooting in July, accents don't come naturally to me and I am not finding this one easy to learn, but I have time. Fingers crossed I won't look like a complete prat! LOL

I have also focused on my health, what I am eating, making sure I exercise and just generally that I feel good inside as well as out, I have felt quite disgusting just from eating shit etc so I am just trying to slowly clear my body of anything that is of no benefit.

Yoga is my go to exercise, I just prefer it and more importantly feel great after doing it, I like to enjoy working out, if it feels forced then I eventually stop going, I don't ever feel like that with yoga. Power walking is also my go to, I really don't do running, never have and never will, but I can walk fast for miles and I feel good for doing it. I still get my heart rate up which is the main point of exercise right, get the blood pumping and oxygen flowing freely around your body! Do what suits you, not what others say you should do!

one thing I have not done is any videos for youtube, I generally didn't mean to cut out youtube too, it just kind of happened and I have not felt inspired to do any kind of video, and I think it was important for me to follow my gut on this. When I feel inspired to create a video I will!

Anyway for now peace and love



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