I have some exciting news, next week I will be filming for the Horror feature film 'Perran' written and directed by Rad Brown. I am playing the role of Daniella and have some great scenes in this, can't say too much about it right now as don't want to give anything away. But keep your eyes peeled for some production shots over the next few weeks.

The link to 'Perran' facebook page is below:

As many of you know whether from working in the industry or simply knowing someone who does, the independant film market can be hard, so it is important to the production to get as much support as possible. This does not have to be through pledging money, simply sharing and speaking out about our film will help promote what we are making. At the end of the day we love being creative, we love making films and we want you the audience to be able to see the final film and love it too.

This is the first time I am getting to work with Rad Brown and the team, I am so excited as not only is it being filmed down in the Southwest but alot of the cast/crew are from down here too. I am a massive supporter of promoting talent and productions from this area of the UK, and every month I see it growing in popularity, the industry is becoming more aware of us! #southwesttakeover

I have been a little (ALOT!) absent on my platforms of late, but rest assured I am coming back with vengence, there will be alot of creative content coming by October. Sometimes you got to take a step back, relax, plan and then jump back in!


Peace and Love




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